shruggy: (hhh)

Harm/maim/kill the zombie: Most of this is fairly okay. Don't shoot him in the head/smash his brains in, stuff like that and we're groovy. Shoot him, stab him, slap him around, he'll just get back up and think, y'know. That wasn't very cool. If you want to do any serious, permanent damage to R, get a hold of me!

Sexual/romantic stuff: I like ships, I really do, but there's only so much a dead kid can do. Also, he knows that it's straight up gross to make out with him, much less anything else. He's a dead guy, you know? As far as the player is concerned, though? As long as it isn't incest, non-con, m-preg, or bestiality, I'm down with it. 

Characters with mind powers: If your character is psychic, or has the ability to mess with minds (pushers, Vriska Serket, etc,) you'll find that R's mind is rich and colorful, lush in comparison to his outward grunts, shuffles, and mutters. However, being that he's a zombie, he's not going to suddenly become fluid and mobile due to psychic puppetry. He IS more easily puppeted than most, but if you want to do this, talk to the mun. 


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